Making a Difference for Adult Learners!
Kabillah’s Journey

Kabillah came to America as a refugee searching for a better life and future. She was an excellent student in her native country of West Africa. She could read and write English, but had a hard time listening and speaking the language.

In pursuit of becoming a pharmacist, Kabillah needed to strengthen her English. Thus, she enrolled in English as a second language classes through the IU 13 Adult Education Program. The classes provided her with the opportunity to listen to English-speaking instructors, which helped her comprehension skills. She was also required to do all of the assignments in English, which strengthened her oral and written skills.

Kabillah received her General Educational Development (GED) diploma in 2009 and credits her IU 13 teacher with the tremendous support he provided during her journey. She has since been accepted to college.

“The IU 13 program really made a difference for me. Now I am much more comfortable speaking English and I am able to follow along during conversations,” commented Kabillah. “I will go to college thanks to IU 13, and some day you will see me working at your neighborhood pharmacy.”
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