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Raluca Tackles a New Language

For Raluca, teaching is a passion. She is a Literacy Coach and Reading Specialist for IU 13, and also works as an English as a Second Language Consultant. A native of Romania, Raluca speaks three languages and is always eager to learn something new that she can share in the classroom. “As a teacher, it is important to be a lifelong learner and to challenge yourself to learn new practices, methods, and ideas,” Raluca said.

Last summer, she put her philosophy of learning to work by attending the Leading the Learning for the Net Generation conference at IU 13. “The information at the conference was astonishing,” Raluca reflected. “It taught me so much about technology––how to engage the students and how to incorporate technology into everyday activities.”

During the conference Raluca realized that technology was a language in which she had to become more fluent. “Technology is the language students speak,” Raluca said passionately, “and I need to speak it in order to relate to them.”

Today, Raluca is working hard to incorporate more technology into her classroom activities. “I’m not teaching students how to use technology, but rather using the technology as a tool in teaching.”

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