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Safety and Security at IU 13 Facilities

Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13 is dedicated to ensuring staff, students, visitors, and guests have a safe, secure, and productive learning and work environment. IU 13 deploys a variety of technologies and procedures to enhance safety and security while continuing to monitor best practices throughout the safety and security industry. When best practices are identified and applicable to our unique working and learning facilities, those are implemented. John Baker, Board Certified Protection Professional (CPP), serves as the Safety and Security Manager for IU 13. He is a Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) specialist, as well. 

Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Act Training
Complies with PA Act 126 

As a result of PA Act 126, which became effective January 2, 2013, all school entities and independent school contractors must be provided certified training on the provisions of PA Act 126 – the Child Abuse Recognition and Report Act. The Act states that a minimum of three hours of training must be completed every five years. This can be administered in a face-to-face setting, online, or via distance communication systems, provided that the training addresses all of the requisite topics. This law not only applies to all school entities (i.e., public schools, charter schools, cyber charter schools, private schools, nonpublic schools, intermediate units, and/or area vocational-technical schools), but also applies to all independent contractors of school entities and contracted substitute teachers who have direct contact with children. Direct contact, per PA Act 126, is defined as “the possibility of care, supervision, guidance or control of children or routine interaction with children.”

The Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Act Training video series by IU 13 is designed to assist school entities and independent contractors in complying with the new Act. It features content experts from across the state and is filmed with a combination of interviews, dramatizations, and reviews hosted by the narrator. Viewers will find the presentation to be informative and engaging. While there are several similar programs on the market today, many of them require a per person/annual subscription fee. IU 13 developed an affordable and practical solution for districts, featuring a five-year license for only $2,000, with no additional fees beyond the initial investment. Additionally, the format of the training, which is divided into three, one-hour sessions, can be viewed in a large- or small-group session. Access to the training series is unlimited while the five-year license is active.

The training series can be accessed HERE or on, keyword search - Act 126.

Safety and Security Consulting Services

Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13 is proud to offer a full range of Safety and Security Consulting Services to help school districts, private schools, or businesses enhance their level of safety and security preparedness. Whether it is developing an All Hazards Plan, conducting vulnerability studies, completing liability investigations, or constructing customized safety and security training, contact us today to see how we may be of service. 

John Baker, CPP, is the Safety and Security Manager for IU 13. He has over 20 years of law enforcement and private security consulting experience. He is a Board Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through American Society Industrial Security (ASIS). In addition John is a CPTED specialist with a focus on developing environmental conditions which are conducive to appropriate behaviors. John has done work throughout the United States for schools as well as large developers and the US government.

IU 13 School Police Department

Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13 School Police Department was formed in August 2012 in accordance with the Pennsylvania School Code with the sole mission of enhancing the safety and security of IU 13 facilities. The IU 13 School Police Department is recognized by the PA State Police, PA Department of Education, and the Municipal Police Officers Training Commission. The police officers are graduates of the PA Municipal Police Officers Academy and have 50+ years of combined law enforcement and security experience. IU 13 police officers have been commissioned by the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, and have police powers in all IU 13 program locations and throughout the IU 13 transportation network. IU 13 police officers can be either uniformed or in plain clothes; regardless, they will always have a badge and identification card clearly identifying them as members of the Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13 School Police Department.