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Cord's Housewarming

Cord is a man of few words with a very important message for his parents – he wants to be just like his two older brothers and live on his own someday.

For Cord and his parents this is a concern. Cord is cognitively delayed and receives services through the IU 13 Special Education Services department. In 2009 he participated in the IU 13 Apartment Program, which is designed to help students with disabilities gain independent living skills in a real-life context.

For Cord and his family, it has been an amazing success. Through the program, Cord is learning to use the microwave, the washing machine, cleaning supplies, and how to use safety precautions such as fire extinguishers.

“As a parent of a child with special needs, you want to protect your child. This program has opened my eyes to see that Cord is capable of more,” commented his mother.


Cord has two more years of school and will continue to participate in the Apartment Program. He looks forward having his own apartment and inviting his older brothers over for a bowl of home-made chicken noodle soup.

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Courtney's Recipe for Success!


Courtney’s Recipe for Success

When Courtney came to IU 13 in 2007, she was shy and had a multitude of learning issues and behavioral concerns.

Through the help of the IU 13 Early Intervention and Head Start programs, Courtney received the targeted support she needed to address these concerns and engage in preschool activities. While she was doing well in preschool, there were still behavioral and sensory problems. Additional evaluation diagnosed Courtney with autism and determined she needed additional, intensive educational support.

“The teachers were a blessing to Courtney and me! I don’t know if Courtney would be where she is without the help and support of the IU 13 teachers,” commented Courtney’s mother.

By 2009, Courtney was prepared for her first day of kindergarten. She was bubbling with energy and enthusiasm. Her language skills are on target, and she engages in pretend play with her friends, helps her teachers in class, and has made great strides in learning to control her emotions.

“These past two years have been challenging and rewarding for us,” Courtney's mother confessed, “but with the help of IU 13, Courtney is now ready for kindergarten. I will be forever grateful.”

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