Student Enrichment Experience (SEE) Seminars for Gifted and Advanced Students

seminarSince 1982, the Student Enrichment Experience (SEE) program has provided innovative and thought-provoking seminars for gifted middle and high school students throughout Lancaster and Lebanon counties.

Beginning in 2010, the SEE program was expanded to include elementary seminars for students in Grades 4-6.

SEE Seminars offer a wide variety of topics and experiences not readily available in the regular classroom. When aligned with student academic strengths, they can supplement a gifted student's individualized education plan. They can also build upon the gifted services provided by the home school. SEE Seminars expose students to a wealth of highly engaging experiences designed to challenge them academically. They also offer students the chance to work with intellectual peers from across Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Connecting directly with experts who offer in-depth instruction, hands-on activities, and personal insight, students benefit from the unique environment offered through a SEE Seminar.

Seminars are available to gifted and academically advanced students in participating school districts or nonpublic schools. Please view additional information and seminar schedules in the document section below.


School districts in Lancaster and Lebanon counties may enroll as participating districts in the SEE Program prior to the start of each school year. Nonpublic elementary and middle schools may also enroll in a program designed especially for them.

Seminar Information

Please note: Lancaster and Lebanon counties are divided into two tiers (Northern Tier and Southern Tier) only for the purpose of SEE seminars. View the Tier list here.

Recaps of last year's programs

Thank you to our growing list of SEE program partners!

Student Services for Enrichment and Gifted Education

View a video about student services provided by IU13 offering enrichment opportunities for students and/or supporting gifted education.

For more information, please call 717-606-1822 or email Student Enrichment Experience (SEE)