Our Vendors

Edison Learning

Used for Grades 6th – 12th

EdisonLearning is a leading international educational solutions provider with nearly 20 years of experience partnering with schools, districts, governments, organizations, charter authorizers, and boards. EdisonLearning offers core and remediation courses in Grades 6 through 12, as well as electives in languages, physical education, music theory, and many more.


Accelerate Education

Used for Grades: K-5 and some HS electives

Accelerate Education provides Online Courses, Credit Recovery Courses, Blended Learning Objects, Digital Curriculum, Mobility Enabled Systems and Tools to increase educational opportunities and achievement to students and teachers in Grades K-12. CAOLA exclusively uses Accelerate Education for the K-5th grade curriculum as well as blended and HS electives.


Apex Learning

Used for Grades 9-12

Apex Learning provides Advanced Placement courses for students that are unable to take such courses due to scheduling conflicts or a course not currently available at the school. Apex Learning standards-based digital curriculum sets high expectations for every student. The learner experience engages each student in active learning and supports student success by making rigorous content accessible to each student.


Smarter Measure

Used for Grades 8th-12th

SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator is an assessment meant to be a tool to determine online learning readiness. Students taking the online assessment can learn about themselves and have a better understanding of their strengths and opportunities for improvement. It measures 7 areas of student success including non-cognitive skills such as motivation and time management and external factors in the student’s environment. Administrators at schools can view student data as a proactive step to create an individual success plan for the student.