Reading Apprenticeship (RA)

Teacher at trainingReading Apprenticeship®(RA) is a research-based approach to reading instruction that helps adolescents develop the knowledge, strategies, and dispositions they need to become more engaged, powerful readers. 

The Reading Apprenticeship® framework encourages teachers to explore the four dimensions of classroom instruction (social, personal, cognitive, and knowledge-building) that support reading development and engage students in metacognitive conversations about texts. For more information about RA research, visit WestEd’s Reading Apprenticeship Website

IU13’s Reading Apprenticeship® professional development model, facilitated by certified RA trainers, incorporates a small school team structure. School districts create four-person teams made up of content area, Grades 6-12 teachers. This team structure enables teachers to provide support to one another and engage in professional inquiry into literacy best practices onsite. Teams attend three or five days of regional training at IU13 where they are introduced to the Reading Apprenticeship® framework, classroom participation structures, and instructional strategies. Teachers sign a Letter of Understanding and agree to incorporate these RA strategies and routines in a minimum of 6-10 lessons throughout the school year. 

What are local teachers saying about IU13’s Reading Apprenticeship® Professional Development?

“I really enjoyed having instantly implementable strategies that had an impact on my lessons and student understanding.” ~High School English Language Arts Teacher

"I have new activities I am excited to implement and the training reminded me of activities I need to do again. It gave me confidence that I am doing meaningful activities in my classes." ~High School Learning Support Teacher

"This training was one of the most beneficial trainings that I have experienced as a teacher. I truly appreciate the structure that allowed all participants to utilize RA strategies to better understand how to implement the program into our classrooms.” ~High School Business Teacher


For more information about IU13’s Reading Apprenticeship® Professional Development, please contact Kelly Galbraith at (717) 606-1667 or