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Hapara logoIf you are a G Suite school and are looking for a way to support your teachers, IU13 is happy to announce our newest partnership with Hapara.

Hāpara instructional management suite enables educators to create visible, differentiated, and focused learning experiences with G Suite for Education. Our tools help teachers see student efforts across G Suite applications, support collaborative assignments, encourage real-time engagement, and highlight student browsing; while empowering students to take control of their digital learning experience in a responsible and secure way.

Hāpara Dashboard serves as the teacher’s hub of all student work organized by class.

Hāpara Highlights enables teachers to view and facilitate the real-time browser activity of learners.

Hāpara Workspace allows teachers to create activities with learning pathways based on student needs and interests.

Hāpara Student Dashboard brings the digital tools (such as Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Hapara Workspace) that learners use into one central, mobile-friendly hub.

Total Licenses Purchased Cost Per Year
Fewer than 260 students $         1,495.00 per Site
260 – 1,500 students $         5.36 per Student
1,501 – 3,500 students $         5.65 per Student
3,501 – 7,500 students $         4.82 per Student


To order, please contact:  David Barclay II, M.S.Ed at 518.400.0967 or email david.barclay@hapara.com.