Inspector Network Monitoring Software

IU13 is pleased to announce the availability of Inspector Network Monitoring Software through the IU13 Statewide Software Discount Program. Below is a summary of the software capabilities as well as the pricing structure for this valuable tool. The pricing below reflects a 10% discount over the MSRP pricing for Inspector software negotiated just for Pennsylvania schools.

Inspector Network Monitoring Software exposes the Top 5 IT management blind-spots present in every network. These information voids are the cause of over 90% of IT and business disruptions, downtime, and threats. With Inspector, 3 mouse clicks reveals valuable answers so you can enjoy more consistent performance, fewer disruptions, and with improved security and efficiency from your existing IT investments. In 3 clicks, isolate any issue: bandwidth, response time, or threats; and act quickly to correct it. The best part is, it doesn't matter what network gear you have or what challenges you face, Inspector will optimize operations, simplify processes, and save money.

Inspector generates daily PDF reports. The reports save time and effort of harvesting data needed for informed decision making. The reports also make compliance documentation a breeze.

With access to the information you need just 3 mouse clicks away, Inspector provides a fast, easy way to address your most challenging issues, just a few of which we have highlighted below.

Corral Your Bandwidth Hogs

Whether caused by people or processes, bandwidth hogs hurt productivity and the bottom line. Track individual users, departments, and WAN bandwidth trends to isolate bottlenecks and eliminate congestion.

Application Performance, Slow No More

See how the network and applications interact and identify sources of slow performance. Sometimes it's the box. Sometimes it's the application. Sometimes it's the network. Inspector can help sort it out.

Find Cracks in Your Firewall

Firewall rules are just that: rules. And since firewalls can't tell you when a rule isn't correct, you need a way to independently monitor what is moving in and out of the network. With Inspector, objectively verify open port status, services in use, and who's talking to whom to bullet-proof your perimeter and fill those cracks before it's too late.

See Downloaded Files for Miles and Miles

Files and documents are a way to exchange information but, unfortunately, can also carry malicious code and unwanted content. Now you can track .EXE files and over 100 other file types directly to the system where they were downloaded and potentially installed.

Scrutinize Your Servers

Know what data is moving on and off your servers, and who's moving it. Get all the dirty details by content, size, and destination (external user) to reveal unauthorized use of confidential systems and data.

Web Use Abuse

The Internet can give employees wings to do their job. The challenge is knowing which wings need to be clipped when Web abuse arises. Inspector tracks all Web surfing, including detailed URL transcript histories of all Web sites accessed for every user, helping document which users pose the greatest risk and even calculates the dollar cost of on-line use.


Inspector software is licensed at an annual subscription cost. A deeper discount is available for schools willing to pay for multiple years upfront. See the chart below for pricing. The subscription includes initial software set‐up assistance and 1 hour user training. Licensing includes updates, new releases, and network engineering review. Inspector is licensed per WAN gateway‐Internet connection.

250 Nodes1000 Nodes2000 Nodes3000 Nodes
1 Year Subscription License$899.10$1799.10$2699.10$3599.10
2 Year Subscription License$1709.10$3419.10$5129.10$6839.10
3 Year Subscription License$2429.10$4859.10$7289.10$9719.10

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