Symantec Ed Bundles

IU13 is pleased to announce a new FTE-based subscription Symantec licensing option discounted exclusively for Pennsylvania school entities. SymEd Solution Bundles provide protection for a school’s information while additionally managing and securing your infrastructure allowing for a safe and managed learning environment.

Regardless of their size, educational institutions all have similar security, privacy, systems management, and availability challenges. They range from threat management and data protection to preserving confidentially and systems management that embrace mobility capabilities. Schools can participate in this FTE-based subscription program regardless if you are a large district or a small district, and receive the best possible pricing and choose the bundle that best fits your individual school district need.

FTE Subscription Licensing

Instead of counting each of the computers in your district and constantly juggling the need to be license compliant, FTE-based licensing allows you to count the number of employees in your district and base your license purchase cost on your employee count rather than your computer count. This unique licensing option saves schools money in virtually every case. A simple formula is used to determine your FTE count:

[Full-time Faculty] + [Part-time Faculty/3] + [Full-time Staff] + [Part-time Staff/2] = Total Faculty/Staff FTE

For example: if you have 200 full-time faculty, 3 part-time faculty, 50 full-time staff and 24 part-time staff, your calculation would be: 200 + (3/3 =1) 1 + 50 + (24/2=12) 12 = 263 FTE employees.

(Faculty is defined as teachers. Administrators and support staff are all considered “staff” in formula.)

Symantec does have a minimum requirement of 20 FTEs.

After your initial year, you’ll be asked to “true up” your FTE count each year and pay the annual licensing fee for your current FTE count.

License Term

This is an annual subscription with payment due each year.

SymEd Bundles

There are four licensing bundles available, allowing schools to choose the best pricing option to meet your district’s needs. See complete descriptions of each product directly below the bundles.

SymEd Secure Bundle

SymEd Secure is the foundation for all Symantec educational institutions. This solution’s set helps address threat and mobile management, system imaging requirements, and provides trusted online experiences.

Cost: $ 18.70 per FTE per year


  • Protection Suite Enterprise
  • Mobile Management
  • Ghost Solution Suite

SymEd Secure Plus Bundle

SymEd Secure Plus provides the same level of information protection and mobile management solutions as SymEd Secure, but with additional capabilities focused on reducing costs of deployments in an environment.

Cost: $ 22.35 per FTE per year


  • Protection Suite Enterprise Edition
  • Mobile Management
  • Deployment Solution

SymEd Advanced Bundle

SymEd Advanced builds on the SymEd Secure foundation with additional system management capabilities, inventory automation, zero-touch imaging, and application streaming.

Cost: $ 38.50 per FTE per year


  • Protection Suite Enterprise Edition
  • Mobile Management
  • Client Management Suite
  • Workspace Streaming

SymEd Total Management Bundle

SymEd Total Management provides educational institutions with powerful solutions to protect, manage, and secure information regardless of the device or operating system. It also offers systems management for servers.

Cost: $ 50.50 per FTE per year


  • Protection Suite Enterprise
  • Mobile Management
  • IT Management Suite
  • Workspace Streaming

Product Description

  • Protection Suite Enterprise Edition - Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition is powered with Symantec Insight and protects with the industry’s fastest, most-effective endpoint security, combined with industry-leading messaging protection and innovative web security. Powerful, centralized visibility and control are achieved with Symantec Protection Center enabling policy enforcement, consolidated reporting, and real-time intelligence to increase security posture while reducing upfront and ongoing costs.
  • Mobile Management - Symantec Mobile Management (SMM) is a scalable MDM platform that enterprises can rely on to enable, secure and manage mobile devices. SMM enables enterprise-wide mobile email and application rollouts, safeguards mobile data and devices, and provides comprehensive visibility and control of the mobile environment. Built on an enterprise-proven and globally deployed platform, SMM provides the scalability and robustness for enterprises to mobilize with confidence. Supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.
  • Ghost Solution Suite - Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 is the industry’s most widely-used deployment, system management, and computer imaging software solution. Use Ghost’s proven hardware-independent imaging capabilities to significantly accelerate day-to-day imaging and deployment needs. This Windows migration software can also migrate all your client systems to the latest operating system, all from a single management console.
  • Deployment Solution - Altiris Deployment Solution 7.1 from Symantec helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing servers, desktops, and notebooks from a centralized location in your environment. The solution offers OS deployment, configuration, PC "personality" migration, and software deployment across hardware platforms and OS types, including Microsoft Windows 7 and 8, and Windows Server 2008 and 2012.
  • Client Management Suite - Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 from Symantec manages, secures and troubleshoots systems with greater efficiency on more platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux and virtual desktop environments. The suite automates time-consuming and redundant tasks to minimize efforts and costs associated with deploying, patching, supporting client systems and software.
  • Workspace Streaming - Symantec Workspace Streaming is an application streaming solution that enables on-demand application provisioning, offline cache, license recovery and instant application upgrades. Symantec Workspace Streaming increases end user productivity with controlled, guaranteed access to any Windows-based applications from any location at any time, including remote and mobile users.
  • IT Management Suite - Altiris IT Management Suite 7.1 is a suite of integrated products that help IT organizations provide faster and more predictable service to their business. The suite enables this by ensuring that organizations' management infrastructures can easily support new technology changes, can quickly adapt to changing processes and business needs, and can provide the necessary insight to make more intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Steps to purchase a SymEd Bundle

  1. Using the formula above, determine your FTE number.
  2. Call or email IU13 to request the Symantec Participation Addendum Form (this document serves as your commitment to this yearly licensing program) and the Subscription Program Worksheet (this document calculates your FTE count)
  3. Return (mail, fax, or email) the Addendum Form and the Worksheet along with a PO to:

Lancaster Lebanon IU13
Attn: Software Sales/Karen Oberly
1020 New Holland Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17601

Fax: 717-606-1705

Questions regarding the Symantec bundles can be directed to Daniel Guzman at or by calling 267.632.7680.