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For Out-of-School Youth/Young Adults

The WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) Program assists qualified Lebanon County out-of-school youth (ages 16-24) with a range of services and supports, including:

  • Paid internships
  • Assistance in finding employment
  • Training for certifications, including:
    • Forklift certification
    • Certified Nurse Aide certification
  • Resume writing
  • Bus passes to get to work
  • Mock interviewing
  • Payment for High School Equivalency (HSE) testing
  • Work clothing purchases
  • Support in transitioning to post-secondary education and training

The WIOA Program provides case management to participants for one year and provides additional follow-up support for the following year. The WIOA Youth Program has partnerships with many Lebanon businesses, school districts and colleges. This program is funded through SCPa Works.

Eligibility Requirements Include:

  • Age 16-24
  • Lebanon County resident
  • Withdrawn from high school OR high school graduate with an additional "barrier" (e.g., low-income, pregnant/parenting, incarcerated, etc.).

Please contact us for specific requirements and how to apply.

Teens learning in factoryFor In-School Youth

The In-School Youth Programs provides a variety of career exploration opportunities for Lebanon County high school students (age 14-18). Services include paid internships where students will be part of a work crew of approximately six students supervised by a job trainer and travel to local businesses which partner with the program to provide valuable work experiences. Students also have the opportunity to participate in weeklong summer camps at Harrisburg University for career exploration. Plus, CNA certification training is available. 

These programs strive to help individuals develop numerous job-related skills including:

  • Job interviewing
  • Developing work references
  • Resume building
  • Socially responsible behavior
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Making appropriate decisions
  • Remedial training

Students in paid internships participate in a pre-employment screening process and receive on-the-job support. Participants are paid at a competitive hourly rate and a typical work schedule is Monday-Thursday from 9:00 AM- 3:00 PM. Learn more about the Summer TANF Program.


Eligibility Requirements Include:

  • Age 14-18 
  • Lebanon County resident
  • Meeting individual income eligibility guidelines and a barrier to employment
  • Pleasant attitude
  • Good school attendance
  • Ability to follow directions

All applicants will go through an interview, and students will be chosen based on that interview and the financial requirements.

Please contact us for specific requirements and how to apply.

Learn More

For more information about these programs contact:

Laura Horst, WIOA Youth Project Facilitator
717-947-1602 (call)
484-816-6603 (text)