Supporting International Students

IU13 Community Education offers a range of services to assist schools in supporting international students through:

Class looking at globeConsultation Services

IU13 content experts can assist with building an effective program for international students. Our experienced professionals walk school administrators through the process, provide a checklist of steps, and give recommendations regarding educational programs and support for faculty and students. A thoughtfully and well-designed program for international students results in more positive experiences for everyone involved.

Professional Development  

Successful Instruction in a Multi-Cultural Classroom

This four-week online course is designed for secondary teachers who have English language learners (ELLs) in their classrooms. These learners may be international students or immigrants to the United States. The course explores important aspects of teaching content to ELLs. By the end of the course, participants should be able to explain how the various materials and approaches presented will help support ELLs in their classes. Teachers learn to choose appropriate materials and apply varied classroom activities to improve student learning. Learn more and register here.

On-Site Workshops

Administrators and teachers will increase their capacity to work with and understand the cultures of international students. This training focuses on promoting cultural understanding in the classroom, equitable grading procedures for international students, effective communication with non-native English speakers, reading cultural cues, class projects to encourage positive international student participation, and multi-level teaching and learning.

Instructional Coaching

Increasingly, educational research supports instructional coaching as a valuable way to deliver job-embedded, high-quality professional development for teachers. IU13 coaches with expertise in English language development provide support for teachers to improve educator effectiveness and increase student achievement. Coaches work one on one with teachers, providing guidance, training, and other resources to address issues that teachers face daily in their classrooms. Personalized, focused, and ongoing – IU13 coaches give teachers the confidence and skills required to meet the needs of their students.

Direct Instruction

International students meet for class with an IU13 instructor during the school day or after school. The proposed curriculum addresses academic and communicative gaps that often exist for international students.


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