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Teaching High School Students about Refugees

Hands showing unityFree Resource for High School Teachers

Using PA Standards-aligned lessons, high school students can build knowledge and understanding of the global refugee crisis, and discuss how refugees contribute to the diversity and brilliance of their communities.

Students have the opportunity to analyze the richness of refugees through self-reflection, videos, and articles as they work through two free, self-paced Schoology modules.

Module 1: Lancaster County: America’s Refugee Capital

This module explores how and why Lancaster, PA, became the refugee capital of the United States, and tells the brave and robust stories of the city’s refugees.

Module 2: Investigating the Global Refugee Crisis

In this module, explore the reasons refugees flee their native countries, and unpack both the difficulties they face as they resettle in a new location, as well as the diversity and richness they bring to their new communities.

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