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Workforce Training Solutions

Explore training solutions below which are frequently requested by local employers, or contact us for a specialized solution to meet your business needs.

  • Customer Service – This course will guide participants in fulfilling customers’ needs, communicating effectively, dealing with challenging customers, and properly documenting customer transactions.
  • English as a Second Language – Targeted instruction is available to help workers with limited English language skills improve communication skills in the workplace.
  • Foundation Skills – Training is designed for employees who need to acquire, or brush up on, basic skills such as math, reading comprehension, workplace communication, problem-solving, and technical writing.
  • GED Preparation – Training sessions are designed for individuals who desire to obtain a High School Equivalency (HSE) Certificate or review high school material prior to attending a college or university program.
  • Soft Skills – Interaction with coworkers, work ethic, motivation, and interpersonal skills are all addressed in this training.
  • Workplace Spanish Instruction – Training will help managers and others communicate more effectively with Spanish-speaking employees. Common workplace language is emphasized, and participants are encouraged to bring specific communication issues to class.

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Classes are also available for individuals to enhance their job skills – view more here.

Explore Workforce Training Solutions