SEE Seminars for Homeschool Students

In response to parental requests in past years, IU13 is excited to offer the following SEE Seminars to homeschool groups this spring.  Click on the image to download the flyer and registration form. Please pay special attention to the age requirements (9-12 or 12-14) included for each seminar:

ImproStory: How to Create and Tell Stories Using On-Your-Feet Storytelling Techniques and ImprovSEE Seminar - Writing a Short FilmSEE Seminar - Amusement ParkSEE Seminar - OzobotsSEE Seminar - Awesome Artists

What is a SEE Seminar? ​SEE Seminars expose students to a wealth of highly engaging experiences designed to challenge them academically while offering them the chance to work closely with like-minded peers. Connecting directly with local experts who offer in-depth instruction, hands-on activities, and personal insights, students benefit from the unique environment offered through a SEE Seminar. Take a look at some of the opportunities the SEE program was able to offer School Districts and Nonpublic Schools in Lancaster and Lebanon counties during the 2017-18 school year. 

How do I get involved?  Register someone as the contact person from your homeschool group here to receive information regarding the program and details on upcoming seminars.  This person will be the communication liaison between your group and IU13 as we partner to bring these amazing opportunities to students. There is no obligation to participate in the program once you are signed up. 

Can I participate if I do not belong to a formal homeschool group? Yes! Register your designated contact here to stay in the loop and know when new seminars have been added. 

Questions? Contact Bethany Parmer or call 717-606-1646.