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Additional LLVS Services

Explore additional services available through LLVS:

Enriched Virtual Forum

The purpose of the Enriched Virtual Forum (EVF) is to support district cyber academies to collaboratively customize vendor content and/or develop high-quality course content to share with IU13 districts via Schoology/Canvas to supplement and enrich current district virtual programs. Topics will include: National Standards for Quality Online Courses, Quality Matters partnership for use of rubric and review process, Accessibility and WCAG compliance, using LLVS Accelerate Ed content in Schoology/Canvas, and using OER and other instructional online content in Schoology/Canvas. Districts will develop a district course development and review committee who will participate in this Enriched Virtual Forum.

LLVS Advisor Services

Working with the district contact, staff at IU13 can help manage the district advisor’s virtual responsibilities. IU13 staff and the district contact will work closely to determine and assess the needs of the district.  Services may include student course enrollment, approving/rejecting grades, attendance and progress reporting, etc.

LLVS District Cyber Online Teacher Networking Meeting

For any teacher who is teaching courses online for their district cyber programs, this special LLVS networking meeting is for you! Join us to collaborate with teachers across districts who are also teaching online for their district cyber programs. We will discuss best practices and strategies we are utilizing in this pure online environment.

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