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Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)

Guaranteed curriculum built with literacy standards

We believe that despite the mounting challenges educators across Pennsylvania face in delivering a quality education to every child, with the right support, teachers can recognize and teach quality assignments that lift the curriculum and build capacity for all. LDC's emphasis on text dependent writing across disciplines improves the rigor and relevance of everyday classroom instruction, and supports stronger analysis of text in alignment with local and state assessment systems. As a national LDC partner, IU13 provides comprehensive LDC consultative and professional learning services to schools and districts at the local, state, and national levels. 

We know that a guaranteed curriculum built with literacy standards as its driving force can enhance both professional capacity and student learning. Prior to any LDC professional learning, it is critical that district and building leadership have:

  • a clear vision for LDC
  • a thoughtful plan for situating LDC lessons and units into existing curriculum
  • an established support structure for teachers
  • a system to ensure quality LDC design  

As part of IU13’s signature LDC service, a nationally certified IU13 LDC Coach will work alongside administrators to develop a planning framework designed to meet school district goals. To learn more about LDC as a curriculum alignment system, watch this brief video

Instructional cycle


At its core, IU13’s LDC professional learning is focused on building teacher competencies for designing and delivering quality, disciplinary literacy instruction. To be effective, professional learning must be job-embedded. Our onsite professional learning involves a customized, blended delivery approach, which reduces the need to pull teachers out of their classrooms. Utilizing a combination of online coursework through LDC Learn, face-to-face professional learning, and collaboration with colleagues, teachers engage in job-embedded, instructional cycles in which they plan, teach, assess, reflect, and iterate instruction.

Throughout these instructional cycles, IU13’s LDC Coaches provide just-in-time support through in-person or virtual coaching and written feedback to boost quality design and delivery. For national exemplars of LDC units and lessons coached by IU13, check out the IU13 Collection and the PAIU Coach Collection on CoreTools.


For more information, please call 717-606-1809 or email Literacy.