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About the Computer Science & Computational Thinking (CS/CT) Sessions

Teachers and Students working with computers

Session Descriptions

Current offerings and registration details are available at TLC Professional Learning.

Please contact the event coordinator or STEM@iu13.org with any questions or to schedule a session specifically for your district.

Unpacking the CSTA Standards (endorsed by PA 2018) & K-12 CS Framework

In January of 2018, the Pennsylvania State Board of Education endorsed the Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA) K-12 Standards.  During this session participants will become familiar with the CSTA K-12 standards, which delineate the concepts students are to know and what practices students are to be able to do at various grade-level bands on the K-12 CS Framework. This session will also highlight the importance and relevance of CS for ALL learners and time for participants to explore CS concepts.

CSforALL SCRIPT Workshop

The Strategic CSforALL Resource & Implementation Planning Tool (SCRIPT) is a framework to guide teams of district administrators, school leaders, and educators through a series of collaborative visioning, self-assessment, and goal-setting exercises to create or expand upon a computer science education implementation plan for their students.

The SCRIPT supports systems-level change by addressing five key areas: (1) Leadership, (2) Teacher Capacity and Development, (3) Curriculum and Materials Selection and Refinement, (4) Partners, and (5) Community.

Please contact the IU13 STEM Team (STEM@iu13.org) to schedule a virtual workshop for your district.

Computational Thinking – An Essential Skill

Computational thinking is a way of solving problems and designing systems and solutions. While computational thinking is closely connected to STEM and computer science, it is a critical skill to develop for students and goes well beyond computer science. In this session participants will develop an understanding of Computational Thinking, explore the Computational Thinking Toolkit (developing in collaboration by ISTE and CSTA), and consider the ways in which they can develop computational thinkers in their own classrooms.

Register: Virtual Session – coming soon!

Getting Started with Block Based Coding (PreK-2)

(AM Half-Day Session – offered with Code & Go Mouse/BeeBot Workshop only)

For today’s early learners, computer science concepts can be taught alongside learning other foundational skills.  This professional development workshop will provide teachers with knowledge and resources to understand unplugged and block-based coding.  Participants will develop plans to incorporate computer science and programming concepts into the primary classroom.

During the afternoon of this workshop, teachers of students PreK through Grade 2 will have hands-on experiences with codable robotic devices specifically designed for early learners. Participants will become familiar with the device and design an integrated experience for students to explore CS and programming concepts with core content.

Code.org Fundamentals (K-5)

This professional development workshop provides participants with knowledge and confidence in teaching computer science basics and experience using online and “unplugged” computer science activities. Participants will leave with the CS Fundamentals curriculum guide as well as a link to order free teaching materials.

The CS Fundamentals curriculum consists of CSTA standards-aligned courses for K-5 students that build upon each other to ensure continuing students stay interested and learn new things. This allows you to use the same course at any grade level for all students, regardless of their experience.

CS First with Google (4-8) – Virtual

This professional development workshop will allow teachers to deep dive into CSFirst, Googles’ free ready-to-teach-introductory computer science curriculum. As part of the Code with Google initiative, educators will find an entire CSTA standards aligned curriculum along with all the necessary lesson plan resources to help integrate these skills into any content area for students in Grades 4-8.

CMU CS Academy: CSO & CS1 (7-12)

*2-day workshop

This 2-day development workshop will provide teachers with an overview of CMU’s CS Academy curriculum. Carnegie Mellon’s CS Academy is a novel, world-class, online, interactive upper middle or high school computer science curriculum that can be used in any classroom. In CS Academy, students use interactive questions, coding activities, and built-in resources to learn coding and increase their understanding and application of computer science.

Makey Makey

This workshop will provide teachers with a hands-on opportunity to explore physical computing with scratch and Makey Makey and will emphasize the integration of design thinking and computer science. Participants will receive a Makey Makey and should bring a laptop or Chromebook with a USB port.

Contact: Email IU13 STEM Team or call 717-606-1809