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Adult Education Encompasses More Than Adults


Lancaster/Lebanon, PA: Effective July 1st, the IU13 Adult Education program will change its name to Community Education (Community Ed).  The change signifies the ever-growing services provided by this program to learners of all ages.  Here are a few examples:


Community Ed continues to serve thousands of adult and youth through a wide variety of classes focused on transitions to employment and postsecondary education, such as:

  • Citizenship
  • English as a Second Language
  • Family Literacy focused on the education of parents and children
  • Adult Basic Education and GED
  • Distance Education
  • Health Careers and Workplace Skills


Community Ed has expanded services to public and nonpublic schools and colleges/universities, such as:

•     Parent education workshops and classes in partnership with schools

•     Consulting and coaching services for educators

•     Resources and professional development

•     Direct instruction for international students


Community Ed serves as the lead agency for a Community School focused on refugees at Reynolds Middle School in Lancaster. This work involves:

  • Coordinating services through the IU13 Community School Liaison
  • Leveraging partnerships and resources for the school
  • Providing a broad array of services including
    • Case management
    • Health services
    • After-school programs
    • Referrals to needed services
    • Parent involvement initiatives
    • Classes for parents
  • Possibility of supporting Community School initiatives in additional school districts


Community Ed supports educators through marketplace products and services, such as:

  • Academic Conversation Starters classroom tool
  • Online TOEFL preparation support
  • Online course for content teachers of English language learners


Community Ed provides services for employers, through programs such as:

  • Educational programs for employees
  • Workplace English and Spanish
  • Foundation skills and soft skills training
  • GED preparation
  • Financial literacy

“Our mission of providing high quality, life-changing educational services has not changed,” commented Tim Shenk, Program Director of the Community Education program at IU13. “This change signifies our commitment to meeting the needs of our communities. With a name change to Community Education and the expansion of services, we are recognizing the broad impact that our program has on parents, workers, educators, and learners of all ages.”

The IU13 Community Education Program provides educational experiences so that students will be successful in their roles as workers, family members, and citizens. Since 1971the program has served more than 70,000 individuals, as well as many businesses and schools. To learn more about the program, please visit, or call/email 717-606-1708 or