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Gifts that Keep Giving—IU13 Board Members Honored through New Books for Preschoolers

01/22/2019 By Alanna Woody

Gifts that Keep Giving -- IU13 Board Members Honored through New Books for Preschoolers

In honor of School Director Recognition Month, please join us in thanking our IU13 Board of Directors (Board) for their continued dedication and hard work. The IU13 Board consists of 22 representatives, one from each of the school districts in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. These individuals not only serve on their local school board, but they also dedicate time to be on the IU13 Board. Truly, they go above and beyond to prioritize our students’ success.

“Books Donated in Their Honor”

In continued gratefulness for our Board, we have donated books in their honor to IU13 classroom libraries. Based on teacher recommendations, books were purchased and donated to Preschool Early Intervention and Head Start/Early Head Start classrooms in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Each contains a commemorative message inside, reading: “This book is dedicated in your honor in appreciation of your service on the IU13 Board of Directors.”

These special books were shared with IU13 Board members at their January 16, 2019 meeting, and they will be delivered to the loving hands of students later this month.

Thank you, IU13 Board Members, for your dedication to all students!


Board Members Reading Books