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IU13 Employee Selected to Present at National Conference on Student Assessment


Jennifer Ross, a member of the IU13 PVAAS (Pennsylvania Value Added Assessment System) team, will present to the Council of Chief State School Officers at the 2015 National Conference on Student Assessment in June. This conference is traditionally attended by Secretary of Education/State Departments of Education nationwide.
Pennsylvania, along with Tennessee, and North Carolina, will present "Windshields and Rearview Mirrors: A 3-State View of Reflective and Proactive Student Performance Data."
About the session: As student growth measures are more widely used across our states, critics often argue that they are an “autopsy” or “rearview mirror” offering limited insight into what to do next to improve education systems. However, some states also employ predictive analytics to serve as the “windshield” through which to look at probable future outcomes for students and schools. Tennessee, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania use both reflective and proactive analytics to improve student outcomes, program evaluation, resources allocation and measure teaching effectiveness. This session will focus on the reflective and proactive performance reports used in each state, and how this data promotes student academic growth.
Jenn Ross is a member of the IU13 PVAAS, a statistical analysis of PSSA assessment data, which provides districts and their schools with progress data to add to achievement data. This new lens of measuring student learning provides educators with valuable information to ensure they are meeting the academic needs of cohorts of students, as well as individual students. Since the initial statewide pilot in 2002, IU13 has administered the statewide implementation and rollout of PVAAS on behalf of the PDE. Staff from IU13 serve as the PDE PVAAS Statewide Core Team.