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Janice Beitzel Named 2018 Annie Sullivan Award Winner

06/22/2018 By Alanna Woody

Honoring a teacher who goes “above and beyond” for students

Janice Beitzel, Teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing for IU13, is the 2018 Annie Sullivan Award Winner.  The purpose of the Annie Sullivan Award is to recognize a professional who exemplifies caring involvement with students with disabilities, and goes beyond the duties of the classroom in helping others in the school and community to understand and accept people with disabilities.  The award is named after Helen Keller’s teacher and is presented to a professional in special education, who has been nominated by his/her peers.

Janice lives in Mount Joy, and has been with IU13 since August 15th, 2005.  Her classroom is currently located in Warwick High School.  She is described by her peers as dependable, loyal, and passionate; she is a servant-leader with great humility. One colleague describes Janice as “continuously [using] stellar characteristics with both students and staff.”

According to her peers, her care for her students is evident, as her influence reaches beyond the classroom. She has provided students with basic hygiene products, sought resources to provide a family with basic home furnishings, and encourages students to attend appropriate social events each month. Because of her sacrifice and dedication, Janice is deeply respected by the students and staff around her.

Janice was recognized by the IU13 Board of Directors at the June 2018 Board Meeting. Congratulations, Janice.