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Staff Member Discusses Women in STEM on WITF’s Smart Talk

02/12/2019 WITF's Smart Talk By Scott Lamar

PaTTAN Staff Member Judd Pittman, who serves as the STEM Advisor for the Department of Education, joined a panel discussion about women in STEM on WITF’s Smart Talk.

When asked about the importance of women in STEM education, specifically for the State Department of Education, Judd noted that 66% of women are interested in STEM in elementary school, yet this number drops to around 33% in middle school. Judd explained the gender roles typically associated with these careers but told listeners, “It’s really about a culture shift [by] providing intentional examples of successful females…successful engineers, and STEM folks of color.” This includes anything as simple as including diverse pictures in a PowerPoint, to something as nuanced as understanding implicit and explicit bias.

Judd’s words were professional and eloquent – making PaTTAN and IU13 proud! To listen to the full Smart Talk, click here.

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