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Students Use Mini-Business Monies to Help Others


School-to-Work Class with giftsThe School-to-Work students at IU13 (Burle) decided to help other students this year by using some of the money from their newly formed business Learning Curve Café and Store to purchase two mittens from the IU13 Mitten Tree. According to Mrs. Harnick, one of the teachers in the School-to-Work program, the students saw the last two mittens left on the tree and were concerned that the children wouldn’t receive any gifts this year. So, they came up with the idea to use monies earned from their mini-business to purchase gifts for the last two mittens on the tree. This week the gifts were carefully wrapped and placed back under the tree by the caring students!

About the Learning Curve Café and Store: The Learning Curve Café and Store is a store is operated by students in our School-to-Work program. The store is specifically designed so that they can practice their personal and work skills in a safe learning environment. The students serve light breakfast and lunch entrées (as well as clothing and hand made crafts), one or two days each week. They are learning to engage customers, take orders, basic food prep and food handling, make change, etc.

About the Mitten Tree: Each year the IU13 social workers place a Mitten Tree in the lobby seeking the donation of presents for local students in need. Each mitten describes the basic details of the child and his/her wish, while keeping the name anonymous. On average there are 50+ mittens on the tree and the social workers make sure that everyone receives a present.