Year of Clearances? Help Is Here!

NOTE: Effective November 18, 2017, IU13 will no longer be providing fingerprint services.

For more information about the new provider:

Fingerprinting deskSome might dub 2015 as the “Year of Clearances.” In response to recent events, nearly everyone working with children was required to obtain background clearances and FBI fingerprints. Suddenly thousands of people -- from volunteer coaches to youth pastors to homeroom parents -- needed to get their clearances in order to keep working with children.

Two of the clearances were easily obtained through an online questionnaire, but the FBI fingerprints have to be done in person and there were very few places locally that offered fingerprinting services. In fact, Lancaster and Lebanon counties only offered one location each, which couldn’t handle the sudden increased need.

After hearing concerns about not being able to get fingerprints taken, IU13 contacted Cogent 3M about becoming an official site for the two local counties. And in May 2015, IU13 began seeing customers.

“This is a value-added service to our community,” commented Dr. Brian Barnhart, Executive Director of IU13. “Protecting children is a responsibility we all share. Being able to support our school districts and community members as they navigate the logistics of this Act is part of our work at IU13. We are here to serve.” 

Do you need a clearance for your work or volunteer activities? Still not sure if you need to obtain a clearance? Click here for more details and FAQs provided by the Keep Kids Safe campaign.   

If you do, please note that IU13 operates the fingerprinting services at their main offices in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Since June, nearly 6,000 people have used the service and 25+ schools/businesses have utilized IU13’s “on site” feature to support their staff with obtaining fingerprints. [For a nominal fee, IU13 will bring the fingerprinting equipment (and trained staff) to area businesses so that their staff can obtain fingerprints while still at work. Contact us for details on how to arrange this service.]

The service is open to anyone in the public needing fingerprinting per Act 114. “A few people have asked why we’re providing this service,” noted Barnhart.  “That’s easy…the community needed our support and we were in a position to offer it. That’s what we do. We serve!”

While the flow of people has decreased, there is still a need for the service as new people decide to volunteer or seek employment requiring clearances. IU13 will continue providing the service to the Lancaster and Lebanon communities. Click here to learn more about the locations and hours of operation.

Did you know that the fingerprinting is a simple digital process? Here’s a quick look!