7 Cool Facts: What Does an IU Do?

I recently posted a blog titled "7 Cool Facts About IU13: What Does an Intermediate Unit Do?" So many people ask me this question, and that’s OK because it gives me the opportunity to talk about the broad, diverse (and amazing) work of IU13.

IU13 End-of-Year Celebrations

I am thrilled when people ask me about the work of IU13, because there is always something new and exciting to share - be it the expansion of an existing program such as our Online Speech Therapy, the celebration of successful business partnerships through our Work Immersion and Project SEARCH programs, the nearly 500 students we’re serving this summer through our Extended School Year program, and the supports we’re offering to the community through Vulnerability Studies, Community Education, and Fingerprint Screenings

Here are some other cool facts about IU13 that are worth sharing.  Sure, there are many (MANY) more things to share….but these facts from 2014-15 are pretty cool.

  1. $2.5 Million Saved – the amount of money saved for school districts and IU13 through the electricity procurement program
  2. 9,794 Miles – the number of miles students are transported to/from school, everyday
  3. 3,300+ Preschoolers – the number of preschool children supported by IU13 as they prepare for kindergarten
  4. 2,570 Events – the number of events held in the conference and training center
  5. 900+ Business Partners – the number of businesses that partnered with IU13 to support students and provide real-work experiences
  6. 2,000 Adults – the number of adults served through Adult Education programs
  7. 26,036 Teachers – the number of teachers who participated in training and other supports to enhance their technology skills

Yes, there is a lot happening at IU13. The list above and this newsletter only scratch the surface of our work with the community. It’s truly humbling to work for an organization full of committed, talented, and caring individuals. This is work done with a servant’s heart!

To learn more, I invite you to click on the various articles included in this issue and/or watch this video highlighting some of our 2014-2015 accomplishments. As you do, I know you’ll learn a little more about the work of IU13. And I bet you too will say “Wow…that’s cool.” Enjoy!

Thank you to all of the parents, students, community members, school districts, and businesses that partner with IU13 to make this possible. Together we are making a difference!



Brian D. Barnhart, Ed.D.
Executive Director