Protecting Our Children: Fingerprinting Services at IU13

NOTE: Effective November 18, 2017, IU13 will no longer be providing fingerprint services.

For more information about the new provider:

Children holding safety sign

“Protecting children is a responsibility we all share,” comments Dr. Brian Barnhart, Executive Director of IU13.

In response to Act 114 of 2006, Section 111 of the Pennsylvania Public School Code, which requires fingerprint-based background checks for nearly everyone working with children, there was a need for additional fingerprinting sites in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. IU13 worked with 3M Cogent to become an official site for the service to help meet this need locally.

Since IU13 opened its fingerprinting services in May 2015, 1000+ individuals have used the service at one of IU13’s two fingerprinting locations.  “We are here to serve. We are doing this for the students and the community. This is a value-added service to our community,” stated Barnhart. “Being able to support our school districts and community members as they navigate the logistics of this Act [Act 114 of 2006] is part of our work at IU13.”

The service is open to anyone in the public needing fingerprinting per Act 114. In order to accommodate the high demand, hours of operation have been expanded during the summer months. IU13 will also bring the equipment (and trained staff) on site for a fee, which has been beneficial for some larger employers in the area.

For questions, please contact Bonnie Mutari at 717-606-1953 or