Flexible, Local, Impactful ... Your New Job?

Is This Your Perfect Part-time Job?

So you’re interested in substitute teaching but your degree isn’t in education and you don’t have a teaching certificate. Time to move on to other ideas, right? Not necessarily … simply pair your bachelor’s degree with IU13’s Guest Teacher Training, and you’ll soon be ready to make a difference for local students!

For over 15 years, the Guest Teacher Training Program has been helping interested candidates prepare for this special part-time job with a positive impact for all involved. Plus, flexibility is key as Guest Teachers can accept the jobs they want to fit their schedule and needs. Although candidates may not have stepped inside a classroom since graduating themselves, this concentrated program provides the tools needed for success.

Who benefits?

All involved! Guest teachers gain flexible, rewarding, part-time employment. School districts gain new, well-prepared substitute teachers to fill their needs. And students can learn from the real-life experience Guest Teachers bring with them. “One of the biggest benefits of the Guest Teacher Training Program is that often the candidates of the program present with exceptional backgrounds and real-life experiences. For example, a chemist from Hershey Foods completed the training and was able to substitute in chemistry and physics classrooms,” shared Flip Steinour, IU13 Director of Human Resources Services. “One of his work experiences that he shared with students was how he and a team of chemists worked for a decade to develop an almond that would last six months rather than three months.”

How does it work?

Step 1: Register for IU13 Guest Teacher Training.

Step 2: Complete the two-part training: one ½-day on-site training at IU13, plus online training at your convenience beforehand which takes approximately 8.5 hours of viewing.

Step 3: Once a candidate successfully completes the training, IU13 applies for his or her Emergency Permit from the state. This allows the “guest teacher” to substitute throughout the school year in various positions even in different participating districts (up to 20 days in one specific position), and this permit is renewable annually.

What do prospective Guest Teachers learn?

Trainers are often former teachers who know and understand the challenges faced daily by substitute teachers. They will prepare prospective substitute teachers through training in areas including:

  • Reading and understanding lesson plans
  • Working with students with special needs in a regular education classroom
  • Managing behavior
  • Recognizing and reporting child abuse
  • Understanding the general expectations of substitute teachers

Where can Guest Teachers substitute?

Those who complete the Guest Teacher Training requirements are eligible to substitute teach in IU13 classrooms as well as in participating Lancaster and Lebanon County school districts. Plus, substitute teachers can pick assignments on the days and in the locations they prefer.

I’m ready… When is the next training?

Upcoming trainings are:

  • Friday, August 19, 2016
  • Tuesday, November 8, 2016
  • Thursday, January 12, 2017

Check here for details, including registration deadlines.


For more information, please call 717-606-1849 or email humanresources@iu13.org.