I Didn't Know IU13 Does That ...

Many people assume that everyone who works at IU13 is a teacher or paraeducator, working in the classroom with students. While this is true for many of IU13's 1400+ employees, there are many who work in other positions supporting the organization, students, and local school districts as they strive to increase student achievement and school efficiencies.

In fact, with this many colleagues working in 67 sites across the state, it’s hard for us to know the work of each staff member. Thus, we started a new program called “Get to Know Your IU13 Coworker,” allowing people to talk about their role at IU13, their daily work, favorite memories, and more. These simple “fireside chat” conversations are offering windows into the different roles and work done by IU13 staff – to the point that people are commenting “I didn’t know we did that. Wow!”

So while not everyone reading this newsletter is an IU13 employee, we think you’ll enjoy watching these short clips and learning a little more about our work. Enjoy!

Lumarie Gaskins - “Summer is my busiest time of the year.”

  • Transportation Coordinator
    (Responsible for coordinating bus routes of roughly 10,000 miles ... every day.)

Mike Williams - “(My day) can be faced with just about anything…”

  • Senior Network Engineer
    (Dedicated to making the computer network operational, 24/7/365.)

Lisa Troy - “I love getting to meet the students and put a name to a face.”

  • Program Assistant
    (Responsible for making sure things run smoothly!)

Heather Shearer - “Everybody here wants to help somebody.”

  • Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Coordinator
    (Committed to helping students become aware of the facts.)