Local Leaders Join to Advise and Guide

How much do people in the community really know about IU13 programs and services?

Meeting discussionA question often asked after someone says that they work at IU13 is, “What does an intermediate unit do?” And depending on who asks and how much time there is for an answer, the details shared can vary widely … such as information about the:

  • Millions of dollars we save schools through collaborative purchases,
  • Nearly 3,000 preschoolers we help prepare for kindergarten,
  • Services we have available for local municipalities, or
  • Multitude of professional development sessions we offer local school districts during the school year.

Yes, IU13 has a lot to offer, but many people don’t know it. So we’re looking to change that.

As a result, IU13 launched two Community Advisory Committees in October to seek ideas from community leaders and partners on how to broaden the awareness of IU13 programs and services. Recognizing that needs and services vary, we established committees in both Lancaster and Lebanon counties, and are thrilled with the wonderful support and insightful input already received during the meetings.

PresentationWhere do we go from here? Thanks to the abundance of information from the participants, we have several ideas to discuss at future meetings in the spring. We look forward to answering some of the questions posed, expanding on the areas highlighted, and addressing some of the suggestions made.

We will continue to look to our community for ideas and engagement. If you would like learn more about how to join the local leaders serving on one of our Community Advisory Committees, please contact us at communications@iu13.org. And stay tuned for great things to come!

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