A “Win-Win” Business Opportunity for Students and You!

How do students prepare for “real life” after graduating? By learning and working in a real-life business setting! Toward this end, the IU13 Job Training Services Program partners with hundreds of local businesses to provide on-site work experiences for students.

Job Training StudentsBut it’s not just about students learning – it’s truly a partnership where the businesses benefit, too, as the Job Training Services Program helps businesses succeed by:

  • Satisfying short- or long-term labor needs
  • Providing a pool of interested individuals/students desiring to work
  • Offering the convenience of a staffing agency without the added fees
  • Adding diversity to your workplace

IU13 students are ready and prepared to help businesses throughout the year as needed. Key to the success are the IU13 Job Trainers who supervise and support our students. Through hands-on demonstration and skill development, IU13 Job Trainers help students learn the necessary skills to become successful in a competitive employment environment.

As Doug Bushong of Peter Kleine Company, a long-time program partner, shared, “[The students are] very professional in how they act, and they want to do a great job every time they come.” With supervision, training, and guidance from IU13 job trainers, students benefit as they transition to employment, and businesses benefit from a supervised, supported workforce – it’s a WIN-WIN opportunity!

IU13 Job Training Services continually seeks business partners to assist us in providing student opportunities for:

  • Guest speakers and business tours
  • Job shadowing opportunities
  • Volunteer work opportunities
  • Paid work-crew opportunities
  • Internships
  • Work experiences and references

Will your business join our team? Visit info.iu13.org/job-training to learn more about how your business can benefit from a partnership with IU13 and help local students prepare for a successful future.

Discover more about the IU13 Job Training Services program here: