Celebrating a Healthy Anniversary

Unlimited primary care for covered employees and dependents? With no copays or deductibles for employees? And it saves the employer money? No, it’s not “fake news” – it’s reality at IU13, and this innovative approach to health care is marking its first anniversary.

Dr. Barnhart and Dr. Bowers

In response to the increasing challenges of providing quality healthcare for employees (and their dependents), IU13 quickly recognized that "looking outside the box" of traditional options offered locally was needed to find an answer. As a result, IU13 began exploring a variety of healthcare models that would:

  • Keep IU13 benefits sustainable and competitive
  • Contain escalating healthcare costs for the organization
  • Enhance the health and well-being of IU13 employees

Progress Stats

The result was the founding of two Onsite Health & Wellness Centers for IU13 – one in Lancaster and one in Lebanon – in summer 2015. While a new idea locally, Onsite Health and Wellness Centers are meeting these challenges successfully in other parts of the country. IU13 has partnered with an experienced third-party provider to offer high-quality, cost-effective care through this model to:

  • Effectively administer and provide healthcare services
  • Carefully manage the costs of patient care as well as lab work, prescription drugs, and medical needs; and
  • Focus on prevention, wellness, and each patient’s individual needs

A variety of medical/wellness services are available to covered individuals including Primary Care, Preventative Care, Wellness Coaching, Sick/Acute Care, Routine Lab Services, and Physical Therapy. Plus, a wide range of basic pharmaceuticals are provided to patients through the dispensary – at no cost to the patient and reduced cost to the employer.

And this program is expanding! In September 2016, the first local school district partnered with the program, making the Health and Wellness Centers available to its staff and covered dependents.

To provide this healthcare option, IU13 has partnered with a third party -- QuadMed – to operate its two health and wellness centers. Based in Wisconsin, QuadMed creates and manages employer-sponsored medical and wellness centers which deliver accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare for employees. QuadMed is a nationally recognized leader in innovative, employer-sponsored healthcare solutions, with a 25-year history of service. Their approach brings nearly all primary healthcare services in-house – eliminating excess costs and bureaucracy in the process.

If your school district is interested in learning more about this innovative approach to health care, please visit the IU13/QuadMed Portal or contact Flip Steinour, IU13 Director of Human Resources, at humanresources@iu13.org.