IU13 Unveils Health & Wellness Center for Employees

Health professional talking with patientThe health and wellbeing of employees has always been a priority for years at IU13.  But with the rapidly escalating cost of healthcare, how is an organization of 1,400+ people supposed to maintain a competitive benefits program while “controlling” the associated costs? IU13 is answering this key question by launching an onsite Health & Wellness Center!

While a new idea locally, Health & Wellness Centers are frequently used in other parts of the country and have proven to be successful. This model includes contracting with a third-party provider to:

  • Effectively administer and provide healthcare services
  • Carefully manage the costs of both direct patient care as well as lab work, prescription drugs, and other medical needs
  • Focus on prevention, wellness, and each patient’s individual needs

After completing a thorough Request For Proposal (RFP) process, the IU13 Board selected QuadMed, Inc. (Sussex, Wisconsin) to serve as the managing partner of the center. QuadMed is a nationally recognized leader in innovative, employer-sponsored healthcare solutions, with a 20-year history of service.

IU13 plans to open two Health and Wellness Centers to serve the needs of employees and their dependents (ages 2+) who currently participate in the IU13 Medical Plans. Employees and their dependents will have the option of attending the center for services or continue using their existing doctors.

The benefit to using the onsite health and wellness center – it’s convenient and there’s no copay. “We are very excited about this opportunity,” commented Flip Steinour, Director of Human Resources Services for IU13.

Conservatively, IU13 anticipates saving $1.7M healthcare costs over the next five years. “Yes, there are some cost savings with this approach, but the biggest savings (and benefit) will be in the preventative care.  Imagine being able to help a staff member (through preventative care) before he/she becomes diabetic or being able to help employees maintain a healthier lifestyle through wellness coaching.”  

IU13 will open two centers, one in Lancaster and the other in Lebanon late spring/summer of 2015.  QuadMed will manage the center, services, and staff, which includes a doctor, two nurses, physical therapist, and a wellness coach. 

To learn more about this new initiative, please contact Flip Steinour at 717-947-1313.