Message from the Executive Director

Brian BarnhartFrom e-mail (has it really been 20+ years since life without email?) to e-learning, technology continues to enhance and streamline our work. Embracing the opportunities available, I’m “e-xcited” to announce our latest venture into electronic communications – the launch of our new e-Newsletter!

Why an IU13 e-Newsletter? Three great reasons come to mind immediately:

  1. Timeliness – Preparing, printing, and mailing a paper newsletter creates a lag in sharing great news. Why wait when an e-Newsletter can be produced in a fraction of the time (and at a fraction of the cost)? Speaking of timeliness, our soon-to-open Onsite Health and Wellness Centers are all about providing top-notch healthcare – all while saving time and money for employees and IU13.
  2. “Shareability” – Perhaps you remember the days of a paper newsletter being shared around an office with a routing slip. Use our “Share This” buttons at the top of any (or all!) articles to keep your friends and colleagues in the loop with what they’d like to know. May I suggest you start by helping Josh spread his insightful advice on wheelchair etiquette with some friends?
  3. Portability – There’s no need to fold up a newsletter to stick in your bag so you can read it at night or when you have some “down” time. Check out what’s going on at IU13 anywhere and anytime on your mobile device. By the way, if you’re managing or purchasing for a school or business, you probably don’t have much of that down time – but do take a minute to see how our new CPS program can save you time and money!

As always, we’re listening, so please click below to let us know what you think (and what you would like to see in the next issue). Many thanks!

Brian D. Barnhart, Ed.D.
IU13 Executive Director

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