Tips for Teaching International Students

Teacher working with studentWelcoming a new student to your class is a way of life for teachers, but what if your new student is new to the country, too? Your student may bring more than a new language and culture to the classroom – she may bring her experience with different “rules” of education. 

Beyond the obvious language differences, what should be on your radar for these students? Do they understand our plagiarism rules?  Do you understand their culture and its impact on daily class activities you may normally take for granted? How can you support their journey for learning in an American classroom? 

Teachers in any content area who teach students with limited English proficiency have a resource as close as their laptop – a facilitated, interactive online course taught by a teacher with extensive experience among international students, immigrants, and refugees. Expand your teaching “toolbox” through instruction and dialogue with a content expert as well as opportunities to collaborate with your peers.

As one teacher who recently took the course shared:

“Having been an ELL [English language learner] student myself when I entered Kindergarten, I have a strong desire to see our schools thrive when it comes to supporting and reaching our ELL students; something that can be very challenging and complex, but also well worth the effort.  A focused and thorough course like this is really helpful in that growth.”

During approximately five hours over the course of one month, participants will learn how to:
  • Describe cultural adjustment 
  • Explain second language acquisition
  • Analyze and identify challenges students face with academics 
  • Incorporate teaching strategies to support students 
  • Integrate assessment practices 
  • Explain plagiarism and support students to effectively summarize, paraphrase and cite sources


To learn more or register for “Successful Instruction in a Multi-Cultural Classroom,” contact with your questions.