Instructional Media Services (IMS)

IU13 Instructional Media Services (IMS) provides a cost-effective and convenient program for educators to obtain high-quality digital media to complement classroom instruction.

From valuable district feedback, we update and revamp the IMS every three years in order to continue to meet districts' current needs and initiatives. Our IMS focuses on supporting the 21st century skills, digital-age literacy, inventive thinking, high productivity, and effective communication. Whether students are studying world languages, math, science, language arts, humanities, social studies, or any other electives, our IMS provides materials and resources for everyone. Instructional staff can electronically search the IMS in every curriculum area across all instructional levels from anywhere at anytime via the Internet.

Feel free to access the IU13 IMS Blog to stay updated on IMS workshops, events, professional development opportunities, new service features, new tools, etc. focusing on maximizing student learning through leveraging technology. 


IU13 IMS coordinates IU-wide consortia to provide cost-effective services/programs to benefit member districts.  Some examples include Schoology Enterprise Learning Management System, BrainPop, Atomic Learning, and Nearpod.  Visit the IMS Consortia Page for more details.  If districts/schools are interested in pursuing additional consortium possibilities, please contact the IMS Program Coordinator at


Through the use of CultureGrams, our students can travel to exquisite places in the world, researching new cultures, languages, foods, and customs. CultureGrams is a searchable database containing concise, reliable, and up-to-date cultural information on more than 200 countries, all 13 Canadian provinces and territories, and each U.S. state. This database provides online resources including a worldwide photo gallery, slideshows, video clips, famous people collection, recipe collection, and sortable, create-your-own data tables of selected information. This is a great primary source database used in World Languages, Family and Consumer Science (FCS), Social Studies, and English departments.

Discovery Education Streaming

Through Discovery Education, students create amazing digital poster boards where they post videos, text, and images of content skill sets learned in the classroom K-12 aligned to the standards. Discovery Education Streaming is a high-quality digital video-on-demand library that provides thousands of full videos, images, clip art, interactive, and many other teacher resources. Teachers will enjoy using the creation tools including Board Builder, Assignment Builder, Assessment Builder and Writing Prompt Builder. Finally, the Teacher Center provides access to STEM connect, Daily Calendar, Lesson Plan Library, Thematic Focus, and Discovery Interactive Atlas.

Interlibrary Delivery Service (IDS)

School districts can request to borrow books from any other school district or library in Pennsylvania through the Access Pennsylvania database. There are three methods of returning materials to the lending school/library, based on eligibility as noted below:

  • If both the lender and the borrower of the item are served by IU13 Courier Services, materials may be returned for free through the IU13 Courier Services.
  • If the above does not apply and the borrower is a member of Interlibrary Delivery Services (IDS), the borrower may return the item to the lender via IDS.
  • If neither of the above apply, borrowers must return the item to the lender using their own method and at their own expense.

Please note that the IU13 IMS program provides IU13 IMS members with nylon, zippered shipping bags for item returns by any of these methods.

Technology Integration/Media Consultation/Workshops

IU13 IMS can provide districts with consultation regarding the selection and use of media. Workshops and other presentations are available on many topics, some of which include the following: Google Apps for Education, Social Media, Blended Learning Strategies/Tools, Formative Assessment Tools, etc.  IU13 can provide districts with professional development regarding the selection and integration of technology and media into the curriculum.  


Our new addition, OverDrive, will carry our literacy book bag collections into the 21st century by providing access to eBook publications from the number one eBook provider to libraries in the world. Not only will students enjoy many fiction titles, they will have access to nonfiction titles supporting the standards and lexile reading levels. OverDrive Read will enable teachers to “talk to the text,” showing students how to annotate on eBooks taking notes in the classroom setting or enable students to check out eBooks via their own devices Android, IOS, Windows, or any browser.

Safari Montage

Through Safari Montage, students can travel across the “Reading Rainbow” and learn new skills and programs via having exclusivity to PBS videos. Safari Montage provides districts with access to streaming digital media anchored to the curriculum from publishers that include Schlessinger Media, PBS, The History Channel, National Geographic, Disney Education, BBC, Sesame Street, WGHB, and many more. In addition to the high-quality digital content, teacher’s guides are supplied, as are quizzes, which can also be created by teachers. Most video titles are closed-captioned, and integration with Interactive White Boards is also supported. All videos are segmented into chapters and key concepts. Each title is aligned to Pennsylvania Standards.

Science Screen Report & Science Screen Report for Kids

Science Screen Report and Science Screen Report for Kids is a streaming series focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education.  Each year a new volume is released with accompanied support materials for classroom use.  These resources are vetted each year by a panel of educators, administrators, and curriculum developers who focus on the appropriate National Science Standards, as well as Next Generation Science Standards.  This service is made fiscally possible by local companies as noted on the IMS blog by searching Science Screen Report. Please see your tech integrator or librarian for the code to access Science Screen Report or Science Screen Report for Kids.

Special Events/Conferences

The IU13 IMS program develops programs to meet districts' needs for specialized information or training. The IMS program develops full-day workshops and contracts with experts to conduct programs beneficial to school district staff. IMS provides follow-up training and services for district librarians, media coordinators, technology specialists, technology integrators, etc. Examples include: Annual Elementary Technology Conference, Annual Secondary Technology Conference, Schoology Usergroup Forums, World Language Collaboration Days, iPAD Collaboration Days, 1:1 Forums, etc.

Staff Development & Idea Interchange Meetings (Tech Media Integrator Meetings)

Meetings are held on a monthly basis at IU13 and facilitated by IMS staff for school district technology and media coordinators/coaches/specialists. These meetings provide a valuable forum for learning and information exchange among these district staff. Valuable demonstrations and hands-on training are conducted by IMS staff and invited experts to meet the information needs of school district technology and media coordinators with respect to emerging technology and media uses in education. Discussions are held that assist districts in developing policies and procedures related to the uses of technology and media in the schools. IU13 IMS districts and schools are invited to send their Tech Media Integrators, Media Specialists, Tech Coordinators, Instructional Coaches, Tech Coaches, etc., to these monthly meetings.

StarLab Systems

Students can explore the galaxies, constellations, biology cells, plate tectonics, and Greek mythology using one of our four Starlabs. The IU13 IMS program has four of the popular Starlab portable planetarium systems. The systems circulate among schools to be used in science, language arts and other curriculum areas. IU13 holds basic training for educators in the use of these highly motivating systems which are accompanied by K-12 curriculum integration support

Connected Libraries / Access PA

IMS is a proud member of Access PA, providing PowerLibrary access to educators who attend meetings, trainings, and workshops in any one of our Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 locations. PowerLibrary has popular resources such as AP Images, BookFLIX, Access PA Database, Consumer Health Complete, EBSCO, Sirs Discoverer, and so much more! Make sure you visit PowerKids to have a more elementary-friendly resource. In addition, through your IMS membership, we hold Connected Libraries/Access PA meetings where all our local media specialists and librarians collaborate and share job-alike practices. These POC collaborative meetings are for Lancaster and Lebanon County library stakeholders, including but not limited to AccessPA member libraries, for the purpose of providing pertinent information concerning technology tools, ethical and legal issues, and professional development opportunities. In addition, time is devoted for new learning and exploration for the integration of IMS and other tools/strategies supporting all content area curricula. This group is co-facilitated by member districts and IU13 IMS.  For any questions regarding PowerLibrary and Connected Libraries/Access PA meetings, please feel free to contact

For more information, please call 717-606-1843 or email