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Student Activities (General Education)

Activities for Students in General Education and Gifted Education

The Student Services program at IU13 strives to challenge, support, and inspire students through enrichment activities, academic events, and competitions. Through these engaging opportunities, students strive to reach their individual potential while learning valuable interpersonal and team-building skills.

Students tap into their creativity, while applying existing knowledge in a variety of new environments. These unique programs allow students from different schools to interact with each other, while building valuable skills such as:

  • Active listening
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Public speaking
  • Self-discipline
  • Teamwork

Three Areas of Opportunity

Academic Competitions

IU13 emphasizes the need for strategic, higher-level thinking at all grade levels by hosting various academic competitions during the school year. Students come together from many schools to develop self-confidence, problem-solving abilities, and leadership skills. These events make academic content fun while tapping into the competitive spirits of students in areas such as Chess, STEM, and Reading.

Student Enrichment Experiences (SEE) Seminars

SEE Seminars provide innovative and thought-provoking programs for gifted and advanced students, Grades 4-12, throughout Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Seminars cover a wide variety of topics across all areas of the curriculum. Connecting directly with experts who offer in-depth instruction, hands-on activities, and personal insight, students benefit from a unique “beyond the classroom” environment that offers academic challenge, career exploration, and support in building valuable interpersonal skills needed for career success. SEE Seminars are available to students in nonpublic schools and homeschool settings as well.

Summer Enrichment Camps

When school is out for the summer, IU13 enrichment camps offer students a chance for academic challenge that is both fun and socially engaging. Campers make new friends while tackling advanced content in a dynamic setting. Each camp presents exciting opportunities that require teamwork, flexibility, and problem solving. New camps are introduced every year, and annual favorites are often repeated. Interested families can click the link below to view pictures and videos highlighting the value of these unique offerings for students, Grades 1-12.

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