Collaborative Purchasing

IU13 Collaborative Services, part of the Business Services Department, offers bid-compliant, value-added and cost-saving solutions for school districts and other public procurement units.

How we can help your organization leverage its purchasing power? Learn more about our offerings below.

Collaborative Purchasing Line-Item and Catalog Discount Bids

  • Bids are awarded in 20+ categories and can be used by any public procurement unit.

District-Wide Solutions

  • Office Supplies
  • Cafeteria Food
  • Technology Equipment
  • Voice Communications
  • 4Sight Benchmark Assessment Tests

Energy Solutions

  • Electricity Procurement
  • Direct Choice (Residential Electricity)
  • Natural Gas Procurement
  • Bulk Fuels Procurement

Facilities Solutions

  • Custodial Supplies
  • Lighting Supplies & Recycling Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Safety & Facilities Training

Insurance Programs

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance Pool
  • Property Casualty Insurance Pool

Job-Alike Group Support

  • Lancaster-Lebanon Plant Managers (LLPM)
  • Lancaster-Lebanon Food Service Director's Food Cooperative (CAFCO)
  • Lancaster-Lebanon School Business Officials (LLSBO)


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