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Newsletters, brochures, and more are here for you to learn about IU13’s work and to share.

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About IU13 BrochureAbout IU13 Brochure

This brochure presents an overview of the services and programs offered by IU13.

2021-22 Educational Resource DirectoryEducational Resource Directory

The Educational Resource Directory includes contact information for IU13 and public school districts in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. The directory is published every September, at the beginning of the school year. It serves as the number one resource for education in Lancaster and Lebanon counties.

IU13 Fast Facts thumbnailFast Facts

Discover more about the work of IU13 here! These “fast facts” provide an overview of IU facts and figures from the 2019-20 school year.


Outlook Newsletter thumbnailIU13 Outlook Newsletter

The IU13 Outlook newsletter is dedicated to communicating information about IU13 to the 22 school districts and business community. The newsletter highlights success stories about programs and services, new initiatives, and current happenings at IU13.

Collaborative Efforts Chart 2020-21 - coverCollaborative Efforts Chart

The Collaborative Efforts Chart celebrates the previous school year’s partnerships, joint ventures, and collaborative efforts. By working collaboratively within the Lancaster and Lebanon communities, IU13 is able to reduce expenses, leverage expertise, and engage partners in worthwhile endeavors that benefit the entire community.

Indicators of Student Achievement and Quality Programming 2019-20Indicators of Student Achievement & Quality Programming

Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 is committed to providing outstanding programming and professional development designed to improve student achievement. These services are provided through instruction to students in classes taught by IU staff, and support provided by IU13 consultants that is designed to improve the skills of the educators that work with students. As part of its ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, IU13 has developed a data collection system that will be used to identify, gather and reflect on key areas of student learning and the impact of IU13 programming and services.

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