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IMS Consortia

IU13 Instructional Media Services (IMS) and Pennsylvania Instructional Media Services (PAIMS) together bring consortia opportunities for IU13 public and nonpublic districts/schools striving to offer the best possible prices for quality instructional media resources for teaching & learning.

Contact for specific program pricing details.

IU13 IMS Consortia Pricing Opportunities:

Schoology logo

For Schoology pricing contact:

Discovery Education and Mystery Science logoFor Discovery Ed & Mystery Science pricing, contact:

Kami logo

For Kami pricing contact:

ProQuest CultureGrams logo

For CultureGrams pricing contact:

OverDrive logo

For OverDrive pricing contact:

Pear Deck logo

For Pear Deck pricing contact:

Brain POP logo

For BrainPOP, BP ELL, & BP Science pricing, contact:

Canvas logo

For Canvas pricing contact:


For free EVERFI use contact:

Newsela logo

For Newsela pricing contact:

Nearpod logo

For Nearpod pricing, please follow the link: Nearpod License Quote

Gale Resources logo

For Gale Resources pricing contact:

EDPuzzle logo

For EDpuzzle pricing:

  1. EDpuzzle License Quote
  2. In the “Other questions or comments” space, enter “PA IU”.

Streamable Learning logo

For Streamable Learning pricing contact:

ClickView logo

For ClickView pricing contact:

catchon logo

For CatchOn pricing contact:

Class Technologies logo

For pricing contact:

News-O-Matic logo

For News-O-Matic pricing contact:

Gaggle logo

For Gaggle pricing contact:

Safari Montage logo

For Safari Montage pricing contact:

Spider Learning logo

For Spider Learning pricing contact: