Success Stories

Meet some of the many successful IU13 Community Education alumni!

CarmenMeet Carmen - "She taught me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it." 

BensonMeet Benson - "I was down here. Now I am at the top!" 

SamboMeet Sambo - "... it's never too late." 

  • Born in a Thailand refugee camp, Sambo Bun relocated to the US in 1985 with her mother, brother, and grandmother. Today, Sambo is a single mom, caregiver for her brother, part-time waitress, and full-time HACC student who has traveled a difficult road. Read more about Sambo's story and successes here.​

Meet Heather - "I was so scared because I had started and stopped so many times."

  • Over 20 years had passed since Heather Corch dropped out of high school when she decided to earn her GED. “It had been a thorn in my side for a lot of years. I wanted the GED for my own personal satisfaction.” Read more about Heather's story and successes here. ​

Meet Hong Lam - "You set a goal and step by step, you keep going."

  • Hong Lam would like to send a message to current students in IU13's Community Education Program. "Question Yourself. Do you live up to your capabilities? Did you give yourself a chance? Did you try your best? Who do you want to become?" Read more about Hong Lam's story and successes here.​

Meet Juan - "Facing a drop-dead deadline, GED student beats the odds."

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