English as a Second Language (K-12)

Teachers at a trainingThe education of students whose dominant language is not English and who are identified as English Learners is the responsibility of every school district/charter school.

Pennsylvania requires the school district/charter school to provide a program for every student identified as an English Learner (EL). IU13’s English as a Second Language (ESL) Team offers a wide-range of supports and unique offerings including workshops, instructional tools, professional learning opportunities, customized on-site assistance, and network groups that focus on assisting districts in meeting the specific needs of English Learners.

Professional Development and Services

The ESL team at IU13 is available to provide professional development, technical assistance, and coaching to district ESL teachers, classroom teachers, and administrators related to topics such as ESL levels, supporting ELs in the regular classroom, ACCESS testing, and ESL regulations.

ESL Services and Technical Assistance

  • Full- or partial-day professional development sessions
  • On-site instructional coaching for ESL or classroom teachers
  • District ESL program review
  • Customized consulting based on the needs of individual districts or schools

For more information, please contact Jessica Cirilo.

ESL Administrators Network

This network group has quarterly scheduled meetings to provide a forum for all IU13 districts to participate in timely ESL discussions. Districts are invited to send one or more ESL Administrators to these meetings. A range of topics is included in each meeting’s agenda and could include: Pennsylvania Department of Education Updates, Professional Learning Opportunities, State Requirements for ESL Programs, Local Program Review, Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives, and other pertinent topics provided by the group.

For more information, please contact Jessica Cirilo.

ESL Professional Learning Community

During monthly dinner meetings, 1-2 ESL teachers from each district come together to collaborate about ESL best practices and regulations. The agenda for these sessions is built around the needs of the group, and teachers bring their own questions and topics for discussion during the open agenda. ESL teachers appreciate the opportunity to network with others from districts across IU13.

For more information, please contact Jessica Cirilo.

Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 Title III Consortium

IU13 provides leadership as the Local Educational Agency (LEA) for the Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 Title III Consortium. Title III Consortium services include writing the Title III Consortium Grant, planning and facilitating the network group meetings, providing funds for supplementary materials, translation and interpretation services, professional learning, and technical assistance for our member districts.

For more information, please contact Jessica Cirilo.