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Accelerated Learning

Learning has been interrupted since the spring of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. IU13 is committed to supporting member school districts in their efforts to accelerate learning for students during the 2021-2022 school year by providing technical assistance, consultation, and professional development in four areas.

IU13 is supporting member districts with…

  • Healthy System Conditions that both engage community stakeholders in fully understanding the needs of the system and respond with staffing, technology, scheduling, and continuous improvement processes that create the conditions for acceleration of learning.
  • Supportive Learning Environments that place inclusive, trauma-informed principles at the core of planning to create a safe space for learning, form positive and supportive relationships, and support students and staff to mentally and socially recover.
  • High-Quality Academics that cultivate a thriving data culture to ensure every student has access to the instructional strategies, resources, and supports necessary to successfully engage with and master grade-level content.
  • A System of Scaffolded Supports that provide a continuum of evidence-based academic, behavioral, social, and emotional supports aligned with student needs.

Accelerated Learning Events

Here is a list of upcoming professional learning opportunities to support member districts with accelerated learning.

Accelerated Learning Resources

Please contact our Accelerated Learning team with questions or requests: