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Social Media/Blog Commenting Guidelines

IU13 invites the community to engage in productive conversation and share ideas centered around the applicable social media site (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.). Additionally, we welcome your feedback on our social media pages, website, and blogging platforms.  We are always looking for new ways to engage our readers! If you choose to comment/post, please be advised of the following guidelines:

Stay on Topic

Comments need to be relevant to the topic of the article being discussed.

Respect Others

We do not tolerate comments (including photos/memes) that contain personal insults, name-calling, racism, sexism, hate speech, or obscenity. That means no profane, abusive, harassing, or bullying remarks. Comments should not include another individual’s personal information (i.e., phone number, address, etc.) and should avoid using all capital letters.

No Spam or Ads

Spam or advertisements for businesses and/or events not affiliated with IU13 will be removed immediately.

IU13 reserves the right to remove comments or ban users, with or without notice, who do not abide by these guidelines.  

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