Gregg McGough Earns National Certified School Improvement Specialist Designation

December 5, 2023 By CSIS

(by the Institute for Performance Improvement)

Gregg McGough received the national evidence-based certification granted by The Institute for Performance Improvement (TIfPI). Certified School Improvement Specialists (CSIS™) must prove they have facilitated the systemic improvement and transformation of a school or school district. Gregg’s effectiveness was confirmed by attestations from school leaders and three years of documented performance data that includes gains in student achievement scores plus at least two other metrics.

Developed by TIfPI and launched in April 2011, the CSIS™ designation was created in response to requests from school improvement practitioners as well as public and private organizations for criteria to better distinguish performance improvement professionals. The CSIS™ standards are re-validated every five years.

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Congratulations, Gregg.