Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 Receives Grant for Rolling Reinforcer Kits

March 5, 2024

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA – Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 (IU13) Autistic Support Classrooms have received a grant from CCRES, and utilized the funds that were awarded in August 2023 to create Rolling Reinforcer Kits. Two kits have been placed in both the Lancaster and Lebanon programs. The kits include a wide selection of items that meet the general physical qualities of reinforcing items (edible, sensory, tangible, or activity-based), and are separated by the type of sensory input that they provide.

There are currently 25 classrooms in the IU13 Autistic Support Program, serving approximately 179 students ages 5-21. The kits will be used to provide ongoing assessment for each of these students and assess incoming students to learn about their specific needs. The kits will be replenished with items needed due to wear or consumption, as well as new items being added as data is used to assess student needs for a variety of ages.

When it comes to effectively teaching students with autism, positive reinforcement increases the future likelihood of an appropriate response occurring, when accurately identified and delivered by instructors. For learners in the IU13 Autistic Support Program, this is an integral part of everyday instruction. As students are reinforced, their response and skill acquisition rates increase. Completion of preference assessments, utilizing the created kits, will guide IU13 staff in determining which items have the greatest reinforcing qualities for the students assessed. Results of the completed preference assessments will allow teachers and staff to knowledgeably select reinforcers based on characteristics that are known to appeal to students.

The kits were made possible by a grant from CCRES, a non-profit organization that partners with intermediate units, school districts, and behavioral health programs to provide specialized support for children and adults with special needs. Learn more about the school-age programs and services offered by IU13 at: