The Rotary Club of Lancaster Sunrise Partners with LLEF

September 13, 2021 By IU13 Corporate Communications

The Rotary Club of Lancaster Sunrise is partnering with the Lancaster-Lebanon Education Foundation (LLEF) in support of Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 Preschool Early Intervention. On September 9th, the Rotary Club of Lancaster Sunrise and Preschool Early Intervention met at the Conference & Training Center at IU13 to enjoy a light breakfast before tackling the packaging of the 200 “home kits.” The packaged kits will be distributed to families receiving at-home services throughout the 2021-22 school year.

Lancaster-Lebanon IU13’s Preschool Early Intervention (EI) Program serves over 3,000 students throughout Lancaster and Lebanon counties. These students are served in a variety of locations, including their homes, daycares, preschools, specialized classrooms, and center-based locations. The global pandemic has affected service delivery within these locations. Many students are currently served virtually via teleintervention, and this method of service delivery has been successfully implemented for a significant portion of the IU13 program. Students have shown progress on their goals with the increased engagement of their families, who work with EI professionals through coaching activities to transfer these skills throughout their daily routines at home.

Families benefit from access to learning materials that providers typically bring to the home; however, following health and safety protocols has prohibited the use of outside materials. Therefore, students need their own materials for use in the home. Additionally, EI students need frequent repetition and practice to acquire and maintain skills, so having these materials in the home allows families to use them regularly rather than limiting practice time to the teleintervention session.

The Rotary Club of Lancaster Sunrise project purchased materials to be packaged into “home kits” and given to families for use during teleintervention sessions and carryover practice of targeted skills. The specific materials will be used to focus on individual student goals and objectives. These are typical preschool materials, but many families do not have them readily available. Having access to these materials and learning how to use them will also promote participation in developmentally appropriate activities with peers in the community.

As a charitable nonprofit organization supporting the IU13 education community, the Lancaster-Lebanon Education Foundation (LLEF) offers a huge thank you to all members of the Rotary Club of Lancaster Sunrise for providing this amazing opportunity. It will greatly benefit IU13 Preschool Early Intervention families!