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Serving education, businesses, and the community.

Job Training

Teen waitressJob Training Services provides high-quality special education services to students, parents, and school districts with a focus on individual student progress and successful transition to life after school.

Our goal is to teach job skills, social awareness, and work ethics for empowering students to gain and maintain independence through employment.

IU13 works with over 700 businesses in Lancaster and Lebanon counties to provide youth with the work-based experiences they need to successfully transition from the classroom to the workplace. These programs not only support students, but they also benefit the community by providing a supervised labor pool. Businesses – learn more here!

How does Job Training support students?

Middle School

During middle school years, job training services may include consultation with the classroom teachers to arrange tours, speakers, service learning projects, and/or school-based work experiences. This is an ideal time to start building vocational and occupational skills.

High School

During high school years, job training services include both paid and volunteer work experiences in schools, on school campuses, and on community-based work crews. Services may also include instruction and support to students who are ready for part-time or full-time employment.

Services include:

  • Career exploration
  • Application and resume building
  • Interview skills and experience
  • Internships
  • Guest speakers and business tours
  • Job shadowing opportunities
  • Skills acquisition
  • Transition Fair


Job Training Services for Your SchoolHow does Job Training support schools?

IU13 provides classes and/or support services for students in various programs. Job Training Services is an exceptional resource providing assistance to students who need community-based vocational instruction. Services are designed to be part of a multi-year transition plan, especially for students for whom employment is a post-graduation outcome. Learn more in our brochure. >>

Services include:

  • On-site job training services
  • FLSA/Labor Law compliance
  • Volunteer work opportunities
  • Paid work-crew opportunities
  • Competitive employment support

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Job Training Services for Your BusinessHow can business partners get involved and benefit?

Find out how IU13 can work with you to help your business succeed while helping students gain necessary skills and knowledge to secure an independent future. Working together can build a strong partnership for student success and a future workforce that is prepared and dependable. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities! Learn more in our brochure. >>

Services include:

  • On-site job supervision
  • A reliable workforce when you need it
  • Tax credit incentive information

Learn more - Check our FAQs

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