Secondary Transition Programs

Student interacting with senior citizenPreparing students with disabilities to become successful workers requires hands-on experiences beyond what is offered in a traditional school setting.

Supports are provided to students through job training services. In addition, IU13 offers a variety of transition supports and resources for families and schools.

Work Immersion Programs

IU13’s Work Immersion Programs focus on helping young adults with disabilities make a successful transition from school to productive adult life. This unique one-year immersion program serves students with disabilities who are in their last year of high school. With the goal of competitive employment, each student receives classroom instruction and hands-on experience through internships. Through their work immersion experiences, students also develop employability, social, and independent living skills.

Learn more about these work immersion opportunities for students:

Students working with instructor at construction job siteSchool to Work

The School-to-Work (STW) program provides community-based training in real work settings. The program, which is available for high school students with disabilities, is designed to help students learn self-determination and functional academics, and to establish linkages to adult service agencies.

Basic Occupational Skills (BOS)

The BOS program is a half-day program which serves high school students with disabilities who have the potential for competitive employment in unskilled labor positions. The purpose of the program is to provide daily instruction and concrete work experiences that allow students to master specific workplace skills. These experiences build partnerships with private industry and often lead to employment opportunities for students when they leave school.