Insurance Programs

BusinesspeopleLancaster-Lebanon Public Schools Insurance Pools (LLPSIP)

IU13 Collaborative Services provides support to the Lancaster-Lebanon Public Schools Insurance Pools (LLPSIP). LLPSIP includes both a Workers’ Compensation and Property Casualty Insurance Pool.

The pools are governed by boards comprised of the Business Managers of each participating district. Current participants include districts from Lancaster, Lebanon, and York counties. 

For additional information, please contact IU13 Collaborative Services at 717-606-1494.

Lancaster-Lebanon Employee Health Care Cooperative (EHCC)

IU13 Human Resources provides oversight, administrative support, and cost-containment strategies to school entities enrolled in the self-funded Lancaster-Lebanon Employee Health Care Cooperative. The EHCC maintains an in-house reinsurance pool, funded by member districts, to help secure the lowest reinsurance rate available. 

Pennsylvania public school districts interested in exploring membership to the EHCC should contact the IU13 Human Resources Services at 717-606-1849.